Making the Check-to-Cash Process a Lot Easier

CHECK:Time has been providing financial transaction solutions to the residents of Brooklyn since 1978. With four branches across the city, we aim to make cashing in your checks easier and more affordable.

Immediate Access to Funds

For more than 45 years, our company has helped individuals get immediate access to their cash through our check-cashing services.

Our service removes the need for a bank account and a long wait for bank approval before accessing your money. All you have to do is allow us to verify your identity and pay a service fee, then we can immediately cash your check.


Trusted Financial Services

Our company is a member of the Financial Service Centers of America. This association represents the financial service center industry and helps us maintain our quality and professionality as service providers.

Let Us Assist You

We have four convenient locations throughout Brooklyn. Find the closest branch to you, and have one of our professionals assist you with your financial transaction.